Our Story

Fifinella is a curated gift shop that strives to bring you the highest quality selection of unique and personalized gifts for every occasion! 

Fifinella was born from a lifelong love for the art of gifting. The joy that stems from creating and giving the gift to others is a happiness that’s unmatched. At one point my friend recognized and informed me that this passion for personalized gifts was my love language. From that point on, my excitement for gifts developed into devotion and dedication to the art.

I love discovering the perfect gift for those I care most about. Gifts don’t need to be the most expensive, flashiest, or on trend to leave lasting impressions. A thought out, meaningful gift gives lifelong returns like thinking of you texts and calls after years have passed by. 

My passion stretched beyond the art of gifting, and evolved into infatuation with beautiful embroidery from the start. My grandmother taught me how to hand embroider as soon as it was safe for me to hold a needle, and to this day years later, is my stress reliever. 

Eventually I left my home of 10 years in the DFW metroplex, (along with all of the conveniences I was used to) and moved back to my home town for my husband’s new job. I quickly found that shopping for gifts - especially quality, personalized, and unique ones, was next to impossible. Not to mention never being able to have embroidery done with any font aside from the three standard fonts from the 1980’s! So, I thought, I can’t be the only one wanting more...

Inspired and wanting change, I did some homework and discovered an ever-growing list of quality gifts for everyone in your life. Intrigued, I took my newly found list and curated an even larger book of exquisite embroidery designs combining personalized gifting and embroidery together - ultimately bringing us here today. 

I truly believe in the products I sell, the brands I partner with, and the work I do! I find inspiration from aspects such as my childhood where I grew up in a small town, my life experiences, travels, and family history. I incorporate each unique experience I’ve grown from and translate it into the personalized products I offer. I am proud to focus on female-owned businesses and female artists. Working strictly with brands of my choice that align with my values and quality, I will always stand by the items sold here. 

I don’t want Fifinella to just be a retail relationship, I aspire to make Fifinella that “gift friend” for everyone who follows along on this journey. I love sharing my gift ideas, whether that be here on my website, Instagram, or other platforms. My hope is to inspire others and potentially be everything they have been looking for!